PU #8 @ Køpikeller 06.06.2015

Procrastinors United #8

06.06.2015 | 23:00 | Køpikeller (Köpenicker Str. 137)

Miriam Schulte (Kiss the Eclipse)
vakuM (KLSH, Leipzig)
myrkuz (Procrastinators United)

Early May CDU and SPD tried to pass the most extensive incision in the right to asylum since the 1990s. For months members of the federal government distanced themselves from Pegida & co while at the same time acting in concert. With the latest crackdown against asylum seekers they almost fullfilled one of the core demands of a racist movement. Migrants and refugees are struggling against this racist alliance of state and population every day. There are numerous forms of support for these struggles some of which need financial aid.
With our soli party we want to support individual measures by people that enable their residency here or make their stay easier.